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The Brazilian economy with a population of 192.38 Million (Est 2011) ranks 7th in the world with a GDP PPP of 2.3 trillion and GDP PPP per capita of 11,845 vs 48,147 (United States) according to the IMF in 2011. In Brazil deposit accounts with funds that are held for a fixed term and fixed interest rate are called 'Certificado de Depósito Bancário - CDB ' or a Certificate of Deposit (term and rate agreed in advance). According to its inflation was 6.5% in 2011 and 5% in 2010.

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Brazil Banks

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
HSBC Brazil HSBC Brazil 866 Foreign
Citibank Brazil Citibank Brazil 79 1915 Foreign
BRB BRB 63 1983 Local
BicBanco BicBanco 45 1938 Local
Bradesco Bradesco 4,697 1943 Local
Santander Brazil Santander Brazil 3,600 1857 Foreign
Standard Chartered Brazil Standard Chartered Brazil 1 1973 N/A
Banco do Brasil Banco Do Brasil 1808 Local

Brazil Discussion Activity

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  • Banco Do Brasil
    Q: My wife is from Brazil, and has a savings account in Banco do Brasil. She does not understand very well, the interest on her savings, and conversion of Real to US Dollar. I need actual figures for FinCenn and IRS. How can I get this?

    Reply Larry from Richardson, United States
  • Bradesco
    Q: How much do they pay in interest for deposits ?

    Reply rebecca from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina